Monster Tree Service of the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

I had a recent issue at my Lehigh Valley home, actually located in Bethlehem, PA. I had 5 trees that needed trimming and attention. I also had one large tree that needed to be removed. In addition to the trimming, some of the trees looked to be in distressed. I called around to a bunch of tree removal companies in the Lehigh Valley an was having a really hard time getting people to return calls, give estimates, etc.

Then I met John Pogas from Monster Tree Service. John was very professional and knowledgeable. His tree expert came out to my house within 24 hours of my initial call. He spent about 45 minutes with me, talking about the issues that I had with my trees and discussing all of the various alternatives that were available.

Now I was fully prepared to have an estimate prepared and mailed to me a few days later. Much to surprise, I received the estimate on the spot and the work was scheduled right on the spot as well. Monster Tree Service is fully insured and licensed, they are extremely professional, show up on time and do a great job!

John can be reached at (610) 285-1945. Let him know that you heard about Monster Tree Service from Lehigh Valley PA Guide dot com! His email is [email protected]

Another nice surprise…

I have a spot in my backyard that is an eyesore for me. I’ve been contemplating what to plant in that area so that I can screen out the view of my neighbor’s bare & unimpressive backyard. I happened to ask the tree guy what he recommended. After looking around at the area and assessing the situation, he turned to me and said he had a solution that wouldn’t cost me a single dime. You see, he notices that I had some nice ornamental grasses in another area of the yard. He recommended that I take some of those grasses and transplant them to my trouble spot. The existing grasses would fill in immediately and the transplanted grasses would grow to act as my desired screening.

Now, he could have easily sold me a few evergreen trees but, instead, he took the time to work with me and come up with a solution that was very cost effective, practical and effective!

I couldn’t be happier with Monster Tree Service. I give them a five out of five star rating and recommend them for your tree services, whether that means tree removal, emergency tree services, tree pruning and trimming or anything else related to your home’s trees!