Wilmington and Western Railroad Part 1: Friday, 98, Lehigh Valley Coal 126, and B&O 8408 HD 6/10/16

Description: Thank God I bought a ticket for this photoshoot! Yes, the photos I got were pretty amazing, but that’s not why I’m glad I was there. I’m glad I was there because 98 was wearing a Lehigh Valley Railroad Hancock 3 chime long bell whistle, the only surviving LV RR whistle. Thankfully I got video of it that night because the next morning I arrived to chase the 2 steam engines and found 98 sitting in the station, with no fire in her belly. The old 4-4-0 had broken a tube and it was done for the weekend. Because it was broken for the rest of the weekend, the only people who got footage of 98 running with that whistle and 126 were those present at the photoshoot. That makes this very rare footage. This is part one of a 3 part video set. Part 2 includes Saturday’s excursions with 126 and 8408 and Part 3 includes Sunday’s excursions with 126 and 8408.