Weaver Models Lehigh Valley Black Diamond 4-6-2

My review of the Lehigh Valley Black Diamond 4-6-2 from Weaver Models. Available from www.weavermodels.com. More product reviews and other videos at www.ericstrains.com

25 thoughts on “Weaver Models Lehigh Valley Black Diamond 4-6-2”

  1. Great review and nice engine Eric, the stream lined look and paint job on
    this model makes it stand out in your collection. Thanks for sharing!

  2. As you said,Weaver did a great job on that engine. The whistle is killer.
    The rest of the sound is also great. I can bet your going to get the cars
    for it. It’s going to look outstanding. Good review, Erick.

  3. You should review the MTH imperial 0-8-0 with Proto-Sound 3.0 which will be
    released late October – Early November.

  4. It’s a cool engine. In my opinion, the P14 Sunbeam is a mix of the AT&SF
    Blue Goose, a pacific wheel arrangement, and the Daylight paint scheme. My
    vote goes the the #4449 GS-4. Not knocking the P14, the 4449 is simply my

  5. Lionel Legacy and MTH DCS both allow up to 100 locos per remote. There’s
    really no limit from the control system point of view.

  6. I still think that Lionel has the best sound compared to MTH. Lionels steam
    and diesel engine sounds are deep and close to real.

  7. Great video Eric, the whistle i think is awesome. how come they dont let
    out legacy.. Dose Lionel hold a patent using it on third party manufactures
    . i remember when third rail and kline used Tmcc when Tmcc was still new ,
    my guess they do not want to promote other products .

  8. Nova Corona-Solaris Blast

    Are you going to get a british model, if so then Golden Age Models do some
    really good locomotives including a model of the newest standard gauge
    mainline steam locomotive: L.N.E.R. Peppercorn A1 class 4-6-2 No.60163
    “Tornado” (completed in 2008, 48 years after the last steam locomotive was
    built by british railways).
    They also do a model of the worlds fastest steam locomotive, L.N.E.R.
    Gresley A4 class No 4468 “Mallard”.
    I hope i don’t seem like im advertising (I have nothing to do with the
    company), im just trying to give you options should you decide to buy a
    British locomotive

  9. That’s so cool! It reminds me of the Pennsylvania t1-4444. They are from
    the same area

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