Vintage Allentown, Lehigh Valley

Short vintage film clip shows life in 1950’s Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania. Features Bethlehem Steel, Hess’s department stores

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  1. My mom went to Hess when I was a baby in the early 90s, she said it was
    beautiful. I went to Hess at the Stroud Mall in Stroudsburg, Pa when I was
    I think 3-5 years old, and I remember the logo. Then it just disappeared
    and then Bon Ton Came along.

  2. check that last comment i didn’t read the others lol. ok do they have
    anything to do with hess gas stations?

  3. “Where a single toy costs 5,000 dollars”? I shopped at Hess’s and I never
    saw a five thousand dollar toy ! Hess brothers department store was a great
    and wonderful place when Allentown PA. was a somewhat safe and civilized
    place of business. Now it’s a dirty jungle. Incidentally, Hess Bros. has
    nothing to do with the gas stations.

  4. I think this is a good clip. At the time it was done life here in Allentown
    must have been real good. I didn’t get here until 1988, but being a history
    buff I dig this clip. PBS has a good one on Hess’s here on youtube. We have
    some rough parts of town and plenty of big city problems, but in all I like
    it here. Post some more. Thanks for a look back. TomKat

  5. Yes, Hess Brothers was just called Hess’s after Max Hess sold the store to
    Philip Berman in 1968. Philip owned Hess’s until 1979, selling to a company
    called Crown American. Bon-Ton bought Hess’s from Crown American in 1994
    and owns the remaining stores to this day.

  6. i guess in the 50’s Allentown was a nicer place to visit. it certainely
    isnt today, in fact when i go to the city today I make sure i have a gun in
    the truck.

  7. Hess Brother’s was at one time considered second only to Chicago’s Marshall
    Field’s in its opulence. They had incfredible toys on the fourth floor, and
    models adorned with hugely expensive jewelry walked through the store
    riding the escalators from the Bargain Basement to the Furniture Department
    on the fifth. had le

  8. I’m looking for old video or 8mm movies from the Pen Argyl area, if anyone
    knows of any please link me thanks!

  9. Allentown has its bad areas just like any city. Also, plenty of nice areas.
    Some people are just too stupid not to get out of these bad areas and
    proceed to talk shit on the whole city.

  10. William Crumlic

    Wow! Boatload of hate in this thread! Great little slice of history in the
    video though. Great to see some of the shots here.

  11. Univer3eTwist3ers

    well we’re living here in allentown and theyre shutting all the factories
    down out in bethlehem theyre killing time filling out forms, standing in

  12. I live in Allentown right now. Sure there are bad parts just like any other
    city. But the good parts are awesome!!!!! People say Allentown is bad
    because of it’s bad parts! THEY R WRONG! I am 11 and I luv it here. My
    family luvs it here! It is a really god place 2 live if you are considering
    moving! It is great so 4 all u haters..,…..I DON’T C HOW U CAN AHTE FROM

  13. What a joke. I lived here for decades. It used to be a wonderful area of
    hardworking, honest, and clean people. A sparkling city. It is now a
    massive slum packed with third world criminals and welfare parasites. They
    have totally ruined it like they did Reading, Hazleton, Wilkes Barre and on
    and on. Stay away and let it rot for your own well being.

  14. Norfolk Southern Lehigh Valley Railfan

    I wish their was a way to go back in time and see all that awesome stuff

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