Steam and Snow at Spencer- Lehigh Valley 126

On February 28th I loaded up the car, and after a brief pitstop at Cars & Coffee Raleigh,highballed west to Spencer to catch Lehigh Valley 126 hauling a mixed train around the museum grounds.
Overall it was a fun afternoon, bumping into a few friends and getting to enjoy the sights and sounds of this feisty little shunter working hard on the short run.
While there, I took a brief look at the progress on 611, which is included in the video. Tender is fully primed, engine’s nose was being sanded this day. Only a few more months, and this old girl should be back!

6 thoughts on “Steam and Snow at Spencer- Lehigh Valley 126”

  1. Destinee Meyer

    to early to say this but I must say Welcome back Norfolk and Western 611
    may you enjoy your life where you belong on the rails

  2. it’s interesting when you And snow & Steam But I’m a Australian so I won’t
    have the Luxury of Snow & Steam, Also neat Head lamp on 126

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