Ralph DeBlasi’s Lehigh Valley RR

I visited Ralph Deblasi’s Lehigh Valley model railroad. It’s a HO scale layout set in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. It is a beautiful railroad built for operations, but also the scenery has captured the look and feel of the Lehigh Gorge perfectly. The scenery is about 70% complete. Ralph also has a nice CTC machine for the dipatcher to work from. It is set in his “old” formal livingroom. Let’s just say his wife is very supportive, and from what I heard an excellent cook.
It was great meeting Ralp in person and a real pleasure to have him share his layout.

12 thoughts on “Ralph DeBlasi’s Lehigh Valley RR”

  1. Wow! i was blown away by the first pictures and then when you started
    moving around the room my jaw drop. What a ( like you said ) BEAUTIFUL
    LAYOUT!! Love that CTC panel!!! Thank you Ralph for allowing you Ron to
    videotape it, and thank you Ron for sharing this gem with us You Tubers.
    Wow!!! RT

  2. Albert Molter

    What a great layout. I”m always drawn to the LV RR, having been a
    passenger on the Black Diamond and the Maple Leaf. Saw many a freight move
    in and out of Allentown and Bethlehem

  3. With all our talks Ralph, that tour was unexpected. What an influential
    tour it was. Thanks for the post it was fantastic.
    Oh and thanks to Ron for making it so.

  4. Gregory Miller-Richter Von Ostein

    This was the west end of the board located in Sayre PA. I worked this
    board on Thursday nights. The west end is in this clip–but the board ran
    from Manchester NY to Coxton PA. It was too much for just one man to handle

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