Norfolk Southern in the Lehigh Valley

Railroading in the Lehigh Valley can be traced back many, many decades. Many railroads including the Reading, Central Railroad of New Jersey, Delaware Lackawanna and Western and even the Lehigh Valley itself all contributed to the growth of the region through the 19th and 20th centuries.
Today, though starkly different, the Lehigh Valley still proves to be an integral part of Norfolk Southern’s vital link between Chicago and the Port cities along the East Coast in New Jersey and New York. Prior to my move from the area to Ohio, I spent some of my final months as a Pennsylvania resident documenting ‘my old stomping grounds’ covering portions of Norfolk Southern’s Lehigh, Reading and Harrisburg Lines between Phillipsburg, NJ and Reading, PA. In recent months, PTC updates have made certain locations (such as CP Bethlehem) more advanced and modern as the deadline for the implementation of the technology looms!
So, sit back and enjoy Norfolk Southern traffic in the Lehigh Valley!

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