MTH Electric Trains Lehigh Valley “Snowbird” ALCo C628

Lehigh Valley “Snowbird” ALCo Century 628.

These locomotives were released by MTH in 2004 and have ProtoSound 2. They also have a ProtoSmoke fan driven smoke unit which wasn’t used in this video.

The train these locomotives are pulling consists of rolling stock made by Atlas O, K-Line, Lionel, MTH, and Weaver Models. And the caboose is by Weaver.

The track is K-Line tubular with O-81 curves. I don’t have DCS yet, so the train is being controlled with a vintage Lionel ZW transformer.

These locomotives were called Snowbirds by both the people of the Lehigh Valley and rail fans alike. Occasionally they were also called White Elephants, but the name Snowbird stuck with them.

For a short period of time after their introduction in 1964, the C628’s held the distinction of being the most powerful diesel locomotives. Delivered to the Lehigh Valley in 1965, they were indeed very powerful but were also very rough riding. They were also notoriously hard on the track and had a knack for finding weak spots.

Although taken off of priority freights, they did serve the Valley until it was included in Conrail in 1976, and also worked for Conrail hauling ore trains until the early 1980’s.