Modeling the Lehigh Valley in HO scale

The Rail Channel makes a visit to the Rochester Model Railroad Club in Rochester, NY.

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  1. Saintanger Rail Videos

    that lehigh valley station in geneva is still around where is this located?

  2. intercityrailpal

    I really liked the model of Rochester Junction. I’ll have to go there
    someday. I’ve toured the station in Geneva, the owner is very nice. Not a
    railfan. I had lunch in a local restaurant. And on the wall were dinner
    chimes from the Lehigh Valley! The station would look better if the
    plateform shed was put on. Also I was waiting to see the “Star” or the
    “Major” at least the “Diamond”

  3. intercityrailpal

    @saintangerinc Ithaca is also there. Niagara Junction can be seen on Amtrak
    as you ride east just out of the Deprew station to the south it’s below the
    NYC mainline to New York.. There nothing there now. Ithaca is a bank.
    Geneva is privately owned and has apartments upstairs. Sayre is a Museum.
    It’s a historical society and you can join it. One of the lounge cars from
    the Black Diamond is in Cooperstown,NY. A cafe was just cut up in Atlanta
    area. There are two cars at Winslow Jct,NJ.

  4. intercityrailpal

    Geneva is there. Next to a Pizza Restaurant with dinner chimes from the
    Black Diamond on the wall! Ithaca is now a bank. Sayre is a Museum. Which
    you can join. A lounge car from the Black Diamond is in Cooperstown at the
    NYS&W depot. There are two cars at Winslow Jct on the old PRSL now NJ
    Transit Atlantic City route. A cafe car just got cut up in Atlanta.

  5. intercityrailpal

    @saintangerinc Wilbur Avenue and Sherrill Street Geneva, NY. You can still
    see the Plateform where the tracks were. The LV sign has been repainted on.

  6. @intercityrailpal Just for the record, the station at Rochester Junction
    Burned down in the early 1970’s. The station looked just like the model in
    the video except the trim was painted black

  7. CultofAmericana

    The story goes that the LV got a letter from NiMo a week later saying there
    were surges of electricity at that station and that it might cause a fire.

  8. The bridge shown at 2:24 resembles the NYO&W’s Lyon Brook Trestle that was
    located south of Norwich, NY. 

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