Lehigh Valley’s Buffalo Division Volume 3

This is a preview of Lehigh Valley’s Buffalo Division Volume 3. This volume covers Sayre to Buffalo and the Niagara Branch to Suspension Bridge.

DVD Summary below:

Volume 3 of Lehigh Valley’s Buffalo Division covers the Lehigh’s west end mainline operations from Sayre to Buffalo and the Niagara Branch to Suspension Bridge.

We’ll view film shot by a variety of photographers both during passenger service with double track mainline and after passenger service ended and track consolidation.

Along the way, we’ll ride along with a crew aboard the train as well as view scenes trackside as we head west.

Important facilities at Sayre, Ithaca, Geneva, Manchester, Rochester Jct, Stafford, Niagara Jct, Tifft Yard, Buffalo terminal and Suspension Bridge yard are featured along with other locations.

After our tour, we’ll look at the last 10 days of operation with Paul Templeton.

In closing this series, we’ll pay tribute to the men that made the Lehigh Valley the railroad it was

Narrated with commentary by Ken Bealer, Mike Bednar and Doug Parmele

Digitized from 8mm and Super 8mm film with synchronized sound added. Color, approximately 66 minutes run time

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17 thoughts on “Lehigh Valley’s Buffalo Division Volume 3”

  1. @Sabres21Buffalo Hi. Yes, this is only a short preview. The DVD is
    approximately 66 minutes in length. The DVD can be purchased by visiting
    the John Pechulis Media website

  2. Saintanger Rail Videos

    great video i noticed that some of the footage was tooken from vignettes of
    the lehigh valley

  3. @saintangerinc You must be referring to Ken Bealer’s footage. The rest of
    the footage has never been published by another producer. While the Ken
    Bealer footage may be from the same source, it was digitally transferred
    and restored from the original film by JPM using high resolution equipment.

  4. Saintanger Rail Videos

    @JhnZ33 yup thats what i was talking about the footage at clifton springs
    but nevertheless i dont mind lol

  5. Sabres21Buffalo

    @JhnZ33 Any chance you can upload a Volume 4 with more of the Tift Yard? I
    don’t have the money to purchase this right now.

  6. @Sabres21Buffalo The footage you see of Tift yard is all we have. I wish
    there was more to show.

  7. I love the shot of Republic Steel and Donner Hanna Coke during tifft yard
    scene. At the very end you can see the steam from a coke quench over the
    RS-3’s hood. Great stuff!

  8. lead foot lawn mower

    my grandpa carl worked these lines from lehigh to conrail to norfolk and
    southern when he retired. will certainly show him this video. simply

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