Lehigh Valley Parkour Seminar: Intermediate Level

Adam McC from Urban Current and Andy Keller host a Training Seminar in the Lehigh Valley for beginner and intermediate level practitioners.

25 thoughts on “Lehigh Valley Parkour Seminar: Intermediate Level”

  1. Damn, I live in New Kensington, Aka Valley. Thats on the other side of the
    state! Grrr, I thought I finally found a close team.

  2. the bell idea is genius! im gonna start training the crew that way! we
    already use duct tape. along with chalk and concrete bricks ^_^ nice
    community you got there Adam

  3. I just realized I am now intermediate and not beginner anymore. Awesome

  4. Rayne Entertainment

    Hey guys im in Allentown im the captain of a freerunning and parkour team
    (freeriderscrew) if anyones in the area your welcome to come by find us on
    facebook, twitter and youtube. mad love :)

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