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First-Step Explosiveness Training!

Another video from Sophie Marcotte’s (Parkland High School 9USA-PA) Soccer and Lacrosse athlete) training from January 2018.

All of the athletes at the Barry Lovelace Athlete Training Academy perform several variations of bounding and depth jumps. We will have them perform depth jumps forward and laterally as well perform bounding exercises alternating between both forward and lateral movement.

A few things you have heard me mention here is ‘staying off the ground’. The athletes hear this ALL DAY LONG when training as I cannot emphasize it enough. AS SOON AS YOU TOUCH THE GROUND – YOU NEED GET OFF THE GROUND in order to create an explosive and fast athlete.

Another phrase used is Ground Reaction. Think about it…when you run you don’t want to be hanging on the ground and when you react the feet need to get off the ground and react quick. Which is why we do the many bounding (not jumping..HUGE difference) exercises with and without flexible resistance (bands) and focus on stretch-reflex exercises.

Honestly, I can talk about this ALL DAY LONG! 🙂

There are obviously many, many ways to train, but we keep it simple here: We get the results the athletes need for their sport and the position they play. We don’t have a long drawn out process here and cookie cutter programs from a 3″ thick book. We have individualized programs created by myself, in my man cave and at my little desk. From there…..explosive and powerful athletes are created in the academy. It really is that simple when you make it about the results and the athlete.

What I would also like to mention and have you look at here is that you do not need a 100 yard football field or huge facility to work on first step, strength and explosiveness. Look at ALLLLLL the pictures and videos here and focus on the area the athletes are taking up while training to drastically change their performance. You don’t need much …..that is a given.

Here’s what Sophie has to say about the training….

“Since I’ve been working with Barry I’ve notice a difference in the way I move around the field. Thanks to his workouts I noticed that I am much quicker then the girls on my team and girls I am up against.
I’ve also noticed that I can get around defenders in lacrosse much smoother and quicker than before.
Also, I’ve noticed how much power I have been able to put into my shots in both soccer and lacrosse. Since my shots have improved tremendously, due to the training, I’ve scored a lot more goals this season than every other.”

Sophie Marcotte
Parkland High School Soccer/Lacrosse

Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoyed Sophie’s awesomeness that last two days.

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