14-23: I-78 West Around the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania

Follows I-78 West from it’s final miles in New Jersey across the Delaware River and by passing the Lehigh Valley to the south in Eastern Pennsylvania.

25 thoughts on “14-23: I-78 West Around the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania”

  1. TheSolarcatcher

    What a great ride with the perfect track. I can understand tolling the
    lower Delaware river crossings, but tolling the upper river crossings
    (including the Delaware Water Gap) is pretty criminal. Only on the east
    coast. But I’m glad they did the bypass as the U.S. 22 alignment would’ve
    made a classical Pennsylvanian highway,

  2. Nice video Jim and the NJ border is actually mp 77.3 on I-78 in the Lehigh
    Valley, and I’m glad that you didn’t film US-22 around the Lehigh Valley
    since it has heavy traffic on weekdays from PA-309 or I-476 up to PA-191
    exit this is mostly heard on WFMZ 69 96.1 WCTO 104.1 WAEB-FM & 100.7 WLEV
    traffic reports. Area wise those Allentown stations go into Berks county
    like Wyomissing Hills and Reading areas both are 35 miles south of
    Allentown via US-222 South which was filmed by Maryland Freeways

  3. I would love to see some clips from Allentown to Pittsburgh, via I-81,
    I-83, and I-76. Since your around my home area (Lancaster County, PA). 

  4. Not much to say here, except why not widen the highway to three lanes
    between the State Line and Allentown, huh? Just a short two lane section
    makes no sense.

    Can’t wait to see Pittsburgh again! :)

  5. LOVE the music! Jazz-type and smooth-jazz type is one of my favorite types
    of music! Great video.

  6. What a nice drive this is. Love the greenery of the surrounding
    hills…just looks like a very fun freeway to drive, especially for PA
    standards. That final descent into Allentown at 6:18 was pretty awesome! 

  7. Nice ride Jim! Always glad to see PA- and an area I have always wanted to
    see- since one day I’d like to see the Leheigh Valley Iron Pigs play
    baseball- nice ride! Also a good tune and nice to see areas of the US of
    A’s history! 

  8. Believe it or not my aunt lives off Applebutter Ln. But I remember going
    there to visit and that was another highly traveled interstate with lots of
    truck travel. Thanks for the video! Great memories. =)

  9. Thanks for this great showcase of the Lehigh Valley! I always loved those
    mountain views when approaching the Hellertown/Bethlehem exit from the
    east. The Lehigh Valley, imo, has much more scenic and pleasant-to-drive
    roads than the Philly area to our south (or at least outside of rush hour
    lol). 611 along the Delaware River from Easton on south is excellent as

  10. I’m just wondering. Are you are uploading your videos as 60fps now that
    YouTube supports it? 

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