5 Guys Shot with 21,000 Paintballs for Charity

21,000 children die each and every day due to poverty related causes, such as hunger and easily preventable diseases. To reinforce the magnitude of this number, we shot five of our friends with 21,000 paintballs. We invite you to watch this video and feel the impact.

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Directed and Produced by J.B. Waggoner
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Disclaimer: All of the paintballs, guns, gas, and any other equipment was donated. None of Poverty Resolutions’ money was used in the making of this video.

Thank you Lehigh Valley Paintball for letting us use your fields.

Source: UNICEF, 2008

Music licensed from http://freeplaymusic.com/search/category_search.php?t=f&i=32
Song: Western Mood
Composed by: Pierre Langer (SESAC) & Scott Schreer (BMI)
Published by: Dynamedion (SESAC) & Freeplaymusic (BMI)
Music License Agreement: https://www.dropbox.com/s/87b7xmpgmzfa5l8/Poverty%20Resolutions%20Music%20Agreement%20countersigned.pdf

25 thoughts on “5 Guys Shot with 21,000 Paintballs for Charity”

  1. The Official Italian

    This looks really awesome, but why not donate the cost of 21,000

  2. GianFRancoX Fontana

    guamshady : To all the morons posting comments about this event being a
    waste of money or time, how about using your brain to think for a second…
    I’m sure the money received for these 21,000 paintballs is what went to
    charity. And probably also the money received for any marker or other
    equipment rentals (see 0:44). And I’m sure these shooters each gave a
    donation for the privilege to blast these guys 21,000 times. Yeah, I’m
    sure it was a waste of money and time. Big respect to these guys for
    having the balls to take all those shots. I hope this event helped to make
    a difference

  3. NatoDanPaintball

    Just to clarify why these done this i shall give you all a scenario:

    Washing cars for charity

    Idiots Ideology: They have a car, why don’t they sell the car and then sell
    their sponges or whatever and donate that to charities

    Real ideology: Washing peoples cars in exchange for money or goods to be
    donated to a charity

    This is the same as what these guys done. Let people shoot them, who
    probably payed over a certain amount to participate, and donated all the
    money to charity. We could all donate money at any time but these people
    ran an EVENT to raise funds.

    Any issues?

  4. who the fuck dies from poverty. thats like saying people die from being
    unemployment benefits

  5. 2,000 paintballs of what they’re using (I presume premium rental field). Is
    about $60. So… 60 X 10.5 = $630. $630…. So… A charity foundation
    spends over $600 on paintball? But not charity… Nice guys.

  6. Insted of wastin money on the balls should have done something useful with
    the mony…stupid really stupid

  7. Herman Quito

    I admire these guys for trying to promote a good cause but u dnt hve to
    hurt urself badly to do it! Many other ways to do a charity than hurting
    urself but I admire their courage.

  8. TheDudeofDudes

    Lol, if these poor dudes would have been so much better off if they found
    people with faster guns instead of these old rental guns. 

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