Kitchen Cabinets Estimate Lehigh Valley – Best Custom Kitchen Cabinet Prices

Custom Lehigh Valley Kitchen CabinetsChoosing a great kitchen cabinet for your home makes a hug impact on the look of your kitchen. The best part is that you can get a super good custom kitchen look without draining your entire renovation budget. Work with a local custom cabinet manufacturer and get your dream kitchen while helping to support our Lehigh Valley economy. These guys offer the highest quality cabinets and you’ll see that your cost estimate is very, very reasonable.

Trying to Decide Between a Kitchen Renovation or Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

There are pros and cons to each approach. If your kitchen does not need to have the footprint modified and if you are okay with leaving the cabinet configuration as-is, then a kitchen cabinet refacing estimate may be in order. However, if you decide to go this route, be sure that the bones of the cabinets are solid. Check to make sure that there are no areas of rot, especially in the kitchen sink base cabinet. If the existing cabinets are not structurally sound, then having a kitchen cabinet refacing estimate may not be the best option. In that case, you’ll want to look at getting an estimate for a complete kitchen cabinet installation.

Lehigh Valley Kitchen Cabinets Cost Estimate

Spend a little time up front getting estimates from qualified contractors for your kitchen cabinets, whether they are custom cabinets, stock big-box store cabinets like Home Depot, Lowe’s, IKEA or a combination of stock cabinets and custom cabinets. The guys at will be able to help you out. Give Barry a call, he is very friendly and knowledgeable. You’ll be happy that you did. Here is his contact info, and tell him that you got his number from the Lehigh Valley PA Guide!

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Home Depot Estimate vs. Lowe’s Estimate vs. Local Custom Cabinet Supplier – What I have found very interesting is that the price of a semi-custom or even custom kitchen from a local custom cabinet maker is very competitive with the Home Depot or Lowe’s kitchens. Better yet, the level of service that I have received by going to a local cabinet dealer is oftentimes MUCH higher than what I have gotten in big box stores. How can I make that statement? You see, I have renovated hundreds of kitchens. I buy, fix and either sell or rent properties. Over the years I have done countless of renovations and I’ve used both scenarios. Speaking from experience, if I where going to renovate my own home’s kitchen, I would absolutely consult with a local cabinet supplier first!

How Much Do Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

Asking this simple question will not result in an accurate response unless you have had a kitchen estimator take a look at your project. There are lots of factors to consider when pricing out a kitchen renovation or an update to the kitchen’s existing cabinetry. The bets that you can hope for in the early stages of estimating would be a price range and even this range could be way off, depending on many factors.

For example, the scope of the renovation can vary greatly, depending on what the homeowner wants to accomplish. For instance, if the replacement custom cabinets are going in the same location as the existing cabinets, then the price will be less than if the cabinet configuration is to be modified. Obviously, if the kitchen sink and dishwasher need to be relocated to another area of the kitchen, then the cost involved will increase since a plumber will need to re-route plumbing.

Another factor to consider is if the kitchen is going to be gutted and started from scratch. In this scenario, the cost of a kitchen renovation is not just limited to the cost of the kitchen cabinets.

The best course of action is to call the experts. Call Barry at (610) 438-7925 and tell him that you got his number at the Lehigh Valley PA Guide.